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Numerous healthcare professionals in Montreal recognize the significance of expertise in medical practice, but their businesses often falter due to a lack of understanding crucial legal aspects pertaining to medical business management. If you believe your medical practice could excel further, consult medical business lawyers like those at MÉDICALOI to explore how strategic adjustments to your company's structure can positively impact your revenue.

Our attorneys have assisted countless clients in assessing their medical practices to identify opportunities for structural changes that enhance efficiency. Another essential service provided by lawyers is the minimization of tax burdens by incorporating medical businesses, thereby reducing the physician's tax rate significantly. As a corporation, your company will be taxed as a small business, which is often a fraction of the cost you would pay as an individual. Connect with our approachable staff to discover how our cost-effective services can help you achieve your full potential. Call us at (438) 805-5515.

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Advantages of Incorporating a Medical Business

Incorporating your clinic creates a new entity through which you retain control over your business. This structure is favored by many physicians as it preserves ownership while providing numerous tax benefits, such as a lower small business tax rate compared to individual tax filing. Given the high salaries typically earned by doctors, individual tax rates in Canada can be exorbitant. Incorporating your medical practice can save you considerable funds that can be reinvested in your business or used to pay off debt.

The incorporation process demands legal expertise and finesse, as well as the ability to analyze your company's situation to establish appropriate business goals. As your legal counsel, we possess the necessary experience to accurately assess your business's legal requirements and provide the optimal corporate structure for a prosperous future. Contact MÉDICALOI today to learn how we can assist you!

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In Medical Company Restructuring

Deciding to restructure your medical practice is a substantial undertaking, requiring some initial effort but potentially yielding significant future dividends. This legal undertaking involves knowledge and experience typically beyond a physician's purview. We understand the challenges of investing considerable effort in a career only to struggle due to the business aspects of managing a medical clinic. We have aided numerous clients in enhancing their practices' financial performance by delivering exceptional legal advice concerning their clinics' corporate structures. Our history of successful client interactions has given us a deep understanding of medical business law in Quebec.

Just as you may consult with other specialists on a complicated health issue or refer a patient to another physician who specializes in the treatment of his or her medical issue, restructuring a medical practice is a complex problem that requires a team working together. You can rely on us as specialists in this area. Contact the legal team at MÉDICALOI today for more information.


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Key Considerations in Purchasing a Dental Clinic

Several crucial steps must be followed when purchasing a dental clinic. In addition to consulting a reliable legal professional, you should prepare for the acquisition by considering the following questions:

  • To what extent do you wish to expand your business?
  • What is the clinic's current revenue?
  • How much time are you willing to dedicate to managing a new clinic?
  • How long do you intend to operate the clinic?
  • What are your revenue growth goals?

Our accomplished business lawyers can help you address these questions and more as we guide you through the process of purchasing a dental clinic. We will also assist in drafting essential documents such as letters of intent, purchase offers, and purchase agreements. Additionally, we can advise you on critical factors to scrutinize during the due diligence period, helping you avoid costly mistakes.

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The Purpose of Associate Agreements

In the medical field, it is common for novice physicians to collaborate with experienced colleagues in the early stages of their careers. This partnership offers invaluable insights and prepares them for future practice ownership. However, joining a medical practice as an associate also entails certain risks. Mitigate the most significant risks by crafting a robust and legally binding associate agreement.

An associate agreement is a document that delineates the responsibilities of each party, including expected working hours, remuneration, vacation and sick day policies, and provisions for associate departure. Signing an inadequately drafted associate agreement can jeopardize your career; therefore, always seek legal counsel before signing such documents. Trust the attorneys at MÉDICALOI to provide competent legal representation, review your documents, and ensure they are legally sound and protective.

Why Choose Us?
  • Our attorneys provide candid responses to your medical business legal inquiries. We believe every physician deserves to understand how an improved business structure can enhance profits, expedite debt repayment, and enable superior patient care.
  • Our vast legal experience endows us with comprehensive knowledge of legal matters, empowering us to assist you and your medical business regardless of the challenges encountered. We will confidently devise solutions that ensure your business continues to thrive.
  • We offer legal expertise that probably falls outside the realm of knowledge and experience for many physicians and dentists. Some medical professionals might underestimate the legal aspects of business operations, only to see their practices suffer over time. Rely on our skilled legal team for guidance on how to manage a medical business.
  • A crucial legal consideration for medical professionals is the implementation of robust contracts that protect their businesses. Our lawyers can review your existing contracts and draft new ones as needed, ensuring your business operates smoothly. Experience peace of mind and confidence, knowing your contracts are legally sound.
  • Purchasing or selling a medical or dental practice can be an effective growth strategy, but it also entails risks. Engaging lawyers like those at our firm can simplify the process and guarantee the necessary legal protection.
  • We not only provide top-quality services but also ensure they are affordable. We believe every physician seeking to restructure, expand, and enhance their practice should have access to exceptional legal counsel. Our outstanding legal services are offered at a reasonable cost, and you'll likely find that this modest investment yields significant returns in the future.

How Our Lawyers Can Assist with Your Medical Business Needs

Whether you are establishing a medical clinic, expanding your current operations, or acquiring a new practice, our attorneys can address your legal requirements. Our extensive experience grants us profound knowledge of medical and dental business operations, enabling us to assist with a myriad of challenges you may encounter while managing your practice. We can help you avert common errors that result in substantial tax liabilities and hindered growth.

Contact us today at (438) 805-5515 to schedule a consultation at our conveniently located Montreal office at 8585 St Laurent Blvd Suite 230, only 1.3 km from Parc Jarry and 1.6 km from Parc Henri-Julien. Our office is a mere 14.9 km from the Montreal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport (YUL).

Frequently asked questions
Q: How Can Lawyers Assist with Medical Business Transactions?

A: Many individuals may not realize the importance of involving lawyers in medical business transactions. Your lawyers can assess your current situation, establish goals, and guide you through the due diligence period and necessary documentation for purchasing or selling a business. At MÉDICALOI, we are committed to supporting clients with their medical business transactions. Please contact us to learn more.

Q: What Elements Should a Medical Business Lease Agreement Contain?

A: A lease agreement is a critical component of your medical practice, as it determines your location and the environment your patients experience daily. The agreement should include essential details tailored to your unique situation, such as lease duration, monthly payments, utility responsibilities, and maintenance obligations.

Q: What Are Common Share Ownership Structures in a Medical Business?

A: There are three prevalent methods of share ownership in a medical business. Common shares, the most widely used, represent the business's growth; these increase in value as the company expands. Special shares, which lack voting power, are granted to the owner's family members. Lastly, preference shares are assigned to the physician during the company's formation; these do not appreciate in value.

Q: How Can Business Restructuring Reduce Taxes?

A: Most Montreal doctors and dentists have incomes that are high enough to incur substantial taxes. Incorporating a business enables tax deferral on unused income, significantly reducing the owner's annual tax liability. The corporate tax rate is considerably lower than the individual rate, providing relief for Quebec physicians. The savings can be reinvested in the business, applied to debt reduction, or used to enhance your lifestyle. Contact MÉDICALOI to discover how we can help you incorporate your medical practice!

Q: What Contracts Are Essential for Medical Professionals to Operate a Business?

A: Medical professionals, such as physicians and dentists, may underestimate the significance of contracts in maintaining their business's health. Contracts are vital for managing lease agreements, equipment rentals, associate agreements, shareholder agreements, and more. If these contracts are not properly drafted, they could expose the doctor and the entire business to risk. Employing lawyers is an excellent means of ensuring the legality and efficacy of all medical business contracts.

Q: How Can Loans Benefit Medical Practices?

A: Although doctors and dentists typically enjoy high incomes, much of their earnings are allocated to business operations and personal expenses. However, practice improvements like renovations, equipment upgrades, and other enhancements can be financed through loans. Additional uses for loans include improving parking facilities, acquiring new clinics, and hiring more staff. Contact us to learn how our lawyers can evaluate your financial situation and help you secure the most suitable loan, empowering you to elevate your practice and provide exceptional patient care.

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